The classes of baccarat games you have to know

The classes of baccarat games you have to know

Baccarat game is displayed in some prominent books and series in the James Bond movies and books. When you like to know the game first before playing. It will be helpful to make you understand the game very well and for new players. The game is different when you like to compare it to slots. For you to win the Baccarat game you have to experience it first on how to bet in different angles of the game. To become an expert in the game you have to understand the types of the game.

Class of Baccarat games

The game is known to land-based casinos and online casinos which is available through phone and computer versions of the game. To have an insight into the game you better know all of it before you start knowing its strategies. The more knowledge you get in the game the better.

Punto Banco

It is the first type of บาคาร่า game in which the word means “player-banker”. This type of game can be seen in land-based casinos most usually in the US and later on in the different parts of Europe. In this game, the casino banks will use the basic rules by using the eight decks of cards. Punto Banco is a known game in online casinos.

Chemin de fer

Chemin de fer is not that known to the US but you can find this game in places like Europe but most likely in France. The only difference in this game compare to other Baccarat games is you can play versus other players but not to the dealer. You can make a draw or stand on five in this game than in Punto Banco which the players draw in the game. The game can have 14 players which you will use a big table that has a lot of betting accessories. Those are the palette that the players can freely move around their cards and chips.

Baccarat en Banque

Baccarat en Banque is known in places like Europe that uses three decks of cards. When you believe that this game has a tight rule,  it is wrong. The rules in this game will depend on every casino that you like to play. But in this type of baccarat game, the job of the banker is to classify to one player before starting every game.

Three-card baccarat

The three-card baccarat is known to Asians and in Macau. The game has 52 cards that are used on one desk. The banker will allocate 3 cards on the table that has the highest hand which is the three face cards. The rules of the game are when both the banker and player have the exact number of points. Those hands that have more faces in it will win the game but when they are the same the game will result in a tie.


It is a kind of game which is the same as Punto Banco. But the only thing that differentiates them is this game is using a single croupier. This is also the same as the game Blackjack which you’re not able to touch the playing cards. It is easy to play which you will love to play.