Sit & Go versus Poker tables

Sit & Go versus Poker tables

Anyone using online gambling sites will be aware of the popular tournament format known as “Sit & Go.”

Sit & Go tournaments do not start at set times but instead begin when there are enough players ready to fill the seats, hence the name.

The format is popular with tournament games but may not have the time needed to devote to multi-table tournaments.

So what are the pros and cons of Sit & Go poker tournaments compared to the more traditional table tournaments on online sites such as the NJ Online Casino Resorts Casino, which offers many classic casino games such as poker and roulette, and blackjack?


The freedom to come and go is seen as one of the main benefits of cash games compared to multi-table tournaments.

Players can join a game whenever they feel like it, leave when they want and are not beholden to fixed start times or other restrictions such as scheduled breaks.

However, some people prefer tournaments to cash games, which is where Sit & Go games make a good compromise.

Poker players get to have the freedom they want as they can join Sit & Go games whenever they like. It is usually a matter of minutes before enough players are ready to begin a new game, especially on popular sites.

Typical Sit & Go games last about an hour, and many players also enjoy the speed with which results are delivered in this format.

Money may not be lost or won every hand but Sit & Go games will finish much more quickly than is the case with multi-table tournaments. That allows players to know much faster whether they have won or lost money.

Bankrolls also have much less variance when playing Sit & Go games compared to multi-table tournaments.

Variance refers to the statistical measure of how much results may be different from what was expected.

Players who can be frustrated by the time they need to invest in multi-table tournaments only to end up missing out on the money may prefer Sit & Go games. That is because the money comes and goes more frequently, lowering the overall variance.

Sit & Go games are also suitable for newcomers as it allows players to practice their skills and improve them, giving them a better chance when they play multi-table tournaments.


One downside of Sit & Go games is that they can feel very formulaic to some players, who may come to find them monotonous after a while.

Multi-table tournaments have different stages to them that prevent them from feeling monotonous. However, that familiarity is enjoyed by some players as they feel comfortable playing the format and confident of enjoying some successes.

Another potential downside of Sit & Go games is that some tough opponents can be found in the games who may even specialize in them.

Sit & Go games appeal to more players than traditional table games by combining many positives of cash games and tournaments.