Pokdeng Online – Easy to Play

Pokdeng Online - Easy to Play

Pokdeng online it is known as another online card game with the gamblers who pay a lot of attention and betting that consider a basic card game that gamblers love. When it is a favorite and popular among gamblers today we collect how to play.

The rules of playing Pok Deng for everyone. Who is interest and wants to be together, how will it be? Let’s go see it better Players do not care much about the rules. If we don’t really understand we may get cheated. Just the dealer’s hits smooth by relying on the speed of the game to count points randomly or pay that don’t match the pay rate. We can’t blame anyone at all. We have to notice and have a lot of sanity to play.

How are poker card points ?

In terms of card points, bounce it doesn’t look hard at all. Easy to understand but it is very important as well. Because we need to know how big the cards are in our hands when we are. And it will affect the decision whether. We will catch the 3rd card well or not and the score of the bounce card. Will bring the points of each card to be added together, using only the digits of the unit, such as 5 and 7, totaling 12. It is 2 points, A or Ace has 1 point. If it is a sorte card. It is consider as the largest card and cannot be arrange backwards. Card Point has points equal to the number on the face from 2-9. 0 Point is a card that has no points, namely 10, J , Q and K.

Pokdeng online there are also special points that will affect the payout as well. If anyone ever hears the word bounce, that’s a set of cards that have extra points. Which the points that are as follows: two bounces it only happens in a 2-card playing round. The cards that are going to get two bounces must be the same number or the same suit. If we will get a double bet. Triple bounce will occur in the playing round of 3 cards, which should be of the same suit. When you win, you get 3x your stake, and you get 5x your stake, straight flush. When winning you will receive 5 times. The stake use for the same card as the traditional card, when you win, you will receive 3 times the stake used. When you win. You will receive 3 times the stake. Let’s play POKDENG


PokdengKing expects that any player, who bets here, not only knows the rules of the game, but also knows how to set limits for himself. PokdengKing will support players as much as possible; hope players have a lot of good experience when joining PokdengKing

Advantages of real money online poker games

have simple rules Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

can be a dealer Make more profit

Pokdeng website is stable, safe, reliable.

free subscription free of charge no entry fee

There is a mobile phone bounce system . Play anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Auto deposit, withdrawal, no minimum, no need to turn, convenient

It’s easy to understand because it has a similar format. online casino

Small capital can play Pokdeng online, minimum 5 baht .